An Article on Benefits of transformational coaching

Transformational coaching is a method of teaching that aims to change the learners thinking, and lifestyle. There are Benefits of transformational coaching. Coaching involves teaching a learner on specific topic. Transformational coaching is conducted by a trained personnel. 

The coaching has to encompass using all the essential reading materials, a spacious enclosed cool quite place, and trained personnel. A trained person delivers the best coaching services to learners. He/She summarizes notes into a simpler language, which is easy to understand. 

Transformational coaching has to bring a positive impact to surrounding people. Not only should it bring a positive result to individual learners, but also influence other people in the surrounding. 

The transformational coaching involve teaching in a deeper meaning. The process of teaching has to undergo through specific levels. 

First a learner require to know the specific topic that is to be discussed on. The learners are supposed to discuss on the given topic. The discussion should be done in small organized group discussion. 

Secondly, the learners are supposed to attend a class lecture led by their professional instructor.  

The coaching period should take a duration of thirty minutes to one, and half hours. The stages for coaching are reading, elaboration, comprehending, summarizing, and evaluation.  

When reading you just go through the given topic. In the first reading you need to gain the basic knowledge. The second reading is conducted by a trained person in a conducive cool place. Not necessary in an enclosed room but coaching can be done in any place. As long as the place is conducive for learning. 

In the process of coaching, an instructor ensures he/she elaborates the topic in a simple language. The simplified content on a given topic are easy to read.  It is the work of a coacher to dictate the notes. 

After classroom lecture, a learner is supposed to take some minutes to memorize on recent coaching. The process of reflecting, and keeping in the relevant content in the memory is called comprehending. 

The instruction on coaching ends with summarizing the topic, and evaluation. The evaluation method is a way of assessing the learners. The Benefits of transformational coaching can be achieved through carrying out an assignment. This is done by setting up simple questions, and doing an exercise on the same. 

A learner should know the basic coaching stages that lead to Benefits of transformational coaching. This helps a person to change his/her lifestyle.  

Sometimes we struggle to transform our way of living due to lack of knowledge. A little basic knowledge with wisdom helps to change a character. What if you could not have a clue on how to handle a problem?   

The researcher have listed down basic relevant guidelines on how to perform a certain task. These guidelines helps people to coach 

In summary the Benefits of transformational coaching converts a person from poverty to richness. If only you are hardworking, and can realize what you can do to improve your lifestyle. 

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Chinese language schools online

Choosing the right school 

Learning a new language can be a mind blowing yet challenging experience. With the economy of China growing faster than any other, a lot of people are seeking more convenient ways to learn the Chinese language. Chinese language schools online have been the most preferred so far. 

Check the course outline 

There are thousands of Chinese online courses. If you need to choose one that is right for you, you need to find how much of the complete syllabus the school offers. You may desire to only learn the beginner stage of the language. If so, you don’t necessarily need to enroll for an entire syllabus. On the other hand, you may need to get proficient in the language. In this, case, you need to find a school that covers Mandarin fully, as not all do. 

How deep do your pockets go? 

While there are Mandarin schools that offer free language lessons online, most of them require you to pay for the course. Some free schools are actually very worth it and are a lucky shot if your budget is very tight. However, they hardly ever teach any deeper than paid for courses. Some schools will offer you lessons on how to speak Chinese minus writing its symbols. Some will teach you how to pronounce words and not sentences. Simply put, you buy what you get. 

Time is of essence 

Note that Chinese online schools timing varies. Some only offer live classes. If you enroll for these, you have to be sure to attend all the classes at the scheduled time as catching up with a foreign language may be tricky if you are left behind. Such classes may be troublesome to attend if you have physical classes or work running concurrently, as your schedules may clash. 

For some schools, uploaded podcasts, audio and videos are available for studying and may be used flexibly. This is a better option for persons with tight schedule. However, it hinders real time interaction with lectures and tutors in live classes. 

Various reasons may affect the time period you need to learn Mandarin Chinese. You may only intend to learn the beginner course. In this case, you will only need a few weeks of learning. If you are a slow learner, or need to learn deep Chinese, you will require more time. Note that longer courses usually cost higher and you will have to part with a little more money to enroll. Unless it is really necessary, choose a school with the shortest course that offers what you need. 

There are plenty of Chinese language schools online to choose from. Regardless of your choice, however, it is important to remember that self-discipline is key for you to study. Unlike in physical classes, you will not have your lecturer reminding you of a pending class or assignment. That you have to do yourself.  

Why People Prefer Pawn Shops to Banks

Many people like working with the pawn shops mainly because they usually find them favorable and easy to work. Mostly, people who work with these shops are people who are not living affluent lives and are generally in jobs that do not pay high salaries. These people could also comprise those people who do not require such big loans as those given by the banks due to nature of the person’s necessity. Some reasons why many people prefer these loans given by the pawn shops include the following: 

They are flexible and convinced 

Pawn shops are easily available to their customers. This implies that a person can secure a loan at any given time provided they have the item to give in the place of the loan. People could also get as much loan as their items can manage. There are usually no restrictions on getting a loan ever after you have already obtained another one and kept it pending. Unlike in the bank where once you get a loan, you cannot get another one before completing the previous one, pawn shops can loan you based on the frequency one brings an item. This is because, it is not necessary for the person to return the money as it is the situation in banks. 

They give instant cash 

Once you get item to a pawn shop, the pawnbrokers will instantly give you cash equivalent to an agreed fraction. The cash given do not require a chain of approval from different personels as it is the situation in banks. Once you get your loan and have agreed on the grace period after which the loan will either be returned or the item will change ownership to stand in place of the loaned amount. 

It is not a must return the loan 

When a person decides to obtain a loan from a particular bank where the person is a member, they usually have the exact amount, they need from the bank. And before the loan is approved, the person goes through a certain procedure which involves signings. From this, the person is bound by the signatures would they fail to meet the agreement. On contrary, pawn shops do not operate in that manner. The person is not held under pressure because the item given could be of no use to them hence they can hope not refund the money. There is no follow-up mechanisms either by the notifications in pawn shops, but banks have to notify the person oftenly about the outstanding loan. 

Due to the above reasons, and many others, people have developed much interest in working with pawn shops. This is basically achieved after one have weighed the two loan agents and exclusively evaluating them. 

Benefits of indoor playground

  • There are various perks for children and adults who engage in indoor play activities. The playground provides a good alternative to continue with active life even during erratic weather conditions. Adults find these playgrounds essential for their lives because they help them get active and avoid lifestyle diseases that are so common these days. This article evaluates various advantages of using indoor playgrounds. These are as follows:  
  • Fun all-weather around-The playground ensures that our children are active and involved in fun activities regardless of weather conditions. During rainy seasons, the outdoor play fields become dirty, and children soil themselves when they play on such grounds. The indoor playground offers a good opportunity for children to continue with their fun activities without compromising their cleanliness. During summer months, the temperatures are unbearably high, and outdoor playgrounds are not suitable for games at that time. The indoor play fields provide a perfect alternative during that period of the year.  
  • Safety and security-the The safety and security of your kids are assured with the indoor playground. With the frequent inspection by the right authorities, the playground is safe and secure for your kids. There are safety procedures that must be adhered to by everybody entering the ground. This ensures that people who enter these sites are well screened, and the chances of children getting harmed or kidnapped are minimized. The playground managers have employed a guard who ensures that children are safe and secure all the time.  
  • Exercising-when, the children, get actively involved in the exercises that are provided by the indoor playgrounds, their physical and cognitive wellbeing is improved. The children socialize with one another as they play, and in this way, they enhance their socialization skills. Children who get involved in activities offered by indoor playfields reduce their chances of catching diseases like obese as they are active throughout. Other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments cant catch such kids.  
  • Creativity-certain games offered at the indoor playgrounds ignite children’s creativity. Such children are good at solving certain problems. The children also play certain games that lead them to discover what they are good at and what they will become when they grow up injured. The equipment that is used in such a playground are superior and have undergone safety tests. Materials used to manufacture the indoor playgrounds are very safe and can’t hurt the kids.  
  • Lowering chances of injuries-children who play at indoor playgrounds are rarely hurt as the materials used to manufacture the playground equipment have passed through stringent tests for safety.  
  • Ideal for certain parties-Because the grounds are very attractive, they can be used for birthday parties, certain anniversaries, and certain celebrations for kids.

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Questions To Ask When Choosing Your House Painter

Painting your house is the right step to take, however, the quality and type of house painter that you choose is as equally important. Therefore, you need to pay close attention when choosing the house painter of your house, as they will determine how good or horrible your house will look after painting. Many people find it hard to choose the right painter; however, asking the right questions can go a long way in helping choose the right painter. Below are some of the very important questions to ask.  

How much do they charge for their services?

Whenever you want to hire a painter, you will need to pay for the services. Different painters charges different prices and therefore, it would be important for you to come up wi6th your own painting budget beforehand. After doing so, ask the different painters within your radar to provide you with their price estimates. You can then research on the market prices, and choose the one that best rhymes with your budget. It is worth noting that you should never, compromise on the quality of services by just looking at the price. Sometimes it is better to pay highly for high quality services

Which level of experience do they have?

Painting like any other job, requires a lot of skills and expertise. This is because it does not only involve taking a brush and paint. Therefore, whenever you are painting your house, you do not want a painter who is learning on the job, rather someone who knows how the job is done. Therefore, it is wise to look at the experience of the painter, as it will determine whether they have the necessary expertise to hack the work. Before choosing your painter therefore, as them to provide you an evidence of the number of years they have served their clients. You can then choose the one who has a high level of experience, as they have a higher chance of serving you correctly.

What types of reviews are they receiving?

In today’s day and age, you do not have to know your painter one on one, as you can hire from online sources. It is therefore incumbent upon you, to research on the type of painter that you choose to paint your house. One destination that you should definitely visit is the reputable review sites like yelp. You then have to weed through the different reviews that different painters are getting. Take the reviews that they are getting because it is a true reflection of who they are and the quality of services that they get. You can then go ahead and choose the house painter with positive reviews, because chances are that they will offer high quality services.

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Where To Find The Top Roofers In Vancouver

Commercial roofing tips for new business owners

As a new business owner, besides looking into how your business will move forward, you need to equally get concerned about your commercial roofing This is because your roof is one of the most important components of your business as it ensures that your goods are safe and free form water damage. You therefore need to make sure that you walk with the right roofing contractor in order to help you with any problem that you may encounter. This article will therefore outline the roofing tips that you ought to be aware concerning commercial roofing for your business.

Always ensure the roof is clean

Your new businesses’ commercial roof is bound to have some debris from the vegetation around, dirt and grime. These foreign materials are notorious for making your commercial roof to deteriorate faster than usual. You therefore need to make sure that your commercial roof is free from them. One way of ensuring is by making sure that your commercial vancouver roofer near me is cleaned regularly. Cleaning will ensure that your roof serves you for longer and thus value for your money. Never shy away from asking for help in cleaning the roof in case you find it hard for you, there are very many roofing contractors out there waiting for your call.

Ensure the roof is inspected often

Roofs like just any manmade thing in the world wear and tear with time. Knowing the state at which your commercial roof is in can be a hard nut to crack. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that your commercial roof is inspected at least twice in a year. Hire a professional to do the inspection for you, as they know what to look out for and the necessary step to be taken to prevent any further damage. Once the roof has been inspected, make sure that all the problems are instantly addressed. Note that you ought to instantly fix the repairs as it ensures that there is no further damage of the roof.  

Be aware of the mold and remove them

Whenever your roof comes into contact with water or moisture, which is bound to happen, it tends to form a great breeding ground for mold growth. Molds can be a health risk especially to people suffering from asthma, you need therefore to get rid of them and address the situation causing them. Therefore, whenever you are inspecting your Mountain West Roofing be on the lookout for mold in your house. In case you find mold in your house, that is a clear indication that your roof is leaking and needs repair. You therefore should call an expert so that to solve your situation.

How Girls Can Have Fun Indoors When The Weather Is Off

According to a study that was carried out, it was found that
your child needs to be exposed to at least 60 minutes in a day of physical
activities. Therefore, if you are a parent and you are claiming to be busy,
this should not be an excuse for you to not tend to your kids. Making use of Indoor
Playground Equipment can work wonders for both you and your kids. Not only are these
equipment created in a way that your kids are able to have fun, but they are
also a way in which your child is going to be able to grow in all the different
aspects in a healthy manner.

Many parents are usually very happy when they say their kids
playing and interacting with other kids outside. However, with the busy
schedules that most parents have, it may be a totally different story. Since
they are mostly occupied with other things, it may be difficult for these
parents to be able to find time to play with their kids leave alone watch them
as they are busy playing outside. As they try to work their way through the
endless deadlines at work and the different duties at home, simply taking their
kids to a mall where everything is found is a solution that most parents tend
to go for. However, this is not a good thing to do.

You cannot deny the fact that most kids are usually bored to death whenever they are in the house doing completely nothing. It is not fair for you to deny your kids the experience of having a change of scene and doing something different which to them could be the most exciting and fun experience. One major advantage that comes with Indoor Playground Equipment is the fact that since they are usually used in a closed environment, this means that your kids will be able to play with them any time of the day as well as in any weather condition. Making use of this indoor playground manufacturer’s equipment clearly shows that there is absolutely no excuse as to why your child should not get the physical activity that they need on a daily basis.

Parents can also be at ease knowing that their children are in a safe indoor environment enjoying their day. Another reason as to why this option is the best is because research that was carried out found out that a good amount of physical activity plays a major role in children. It tends to improve their self-esteem, their social skills, peer acceptance, confidence and it also makes it easy for them to create long and lasting friendships.

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2018 Update

On November 13th, 2018 Women and Girls CAN host the first Collective Healing and Action Gathering at their office space at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health.

The gathering was well attended and the art project was very engaging and successful in creating a safe space for the youth and adult allies to engage in.

Perhaps the most significant outcome of the day was that during the skill share in which the Sisters Empowering Sisters provided a workshop on STIs there was a lot of conversation and cross training by the youth in an effort to make the information the Sisters were providing more accessible and inclusive.

This organic teaching and learning process that naturally evolved between the youth and adult allies is the exactly the type of leadership development and information sharing these gatherings are intending to provide. Overall the first gathering was considered a great success. Thanks to all who attended.

Update On Board Members

Alexandra Pates, a student at Hana Korean School of SG; FUFA member

Yunuen Rodriguez, a student at Beloit College; FUFAration member

Ann Russo, Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, DePaul University

Aparna Sharma, Program Officer, Chicago Foundation for Women; Core Member, South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC); Alumni Advisory Board member, Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans

Keisha Farmer-Smith, Manager of Girlworld at Alternatives Inc.; board member, Chicago Freedom School; doctoral candidate University of Illinois College of Urban Planning

Erin Tinnon, FUFAration member

Daisy Zamora,  FUFAration member

Mission Statement 2018

The Women & Girls Collective Action Network is a center for consciousness-raising, training, dialogue and action around issues that matter to women and girls. We strengthen connections across communities to promote collective action. We provide resources and support to create safe spaces for girls and women to develop as leaders, learn from one another, and take action to promote social justice.

NEW! When Girls Get a Chance. Learn about our Status of Girls in Illinois 2009 ReportStatus of Girls News Release (PDF)

These are our guiding principles:

Our Initiatives:

  • We acknowledge and respect women’s and girls’ multiple identities.
  • We believe that women and girls can learn from one another, and strive to provide the space for this to happen.
  • We recognize the connection among the many issues that women and girls face.
  • We are committed to identifying areas of shared history and experiences among women and girls.
  • We believe that connecting across differences allows us to learn from one another and build bridges to challenge stereotypes about women and girls in society.
  • We are committed to redefining organizing, to better reflect women’s lived experiences and multiple identities.
  • We are committed to building, and participating in, a movement for social justice.
  • We strive to make society a safe environment for women and girls.
  • We believe in community-wide accountability and are committed to partnering with men who are allies in our work.
  • Safety is a process, not an assumption

Women and Girls Collective Action Network has played a critical role in the Chicago community over the last five years.  It has been a place of growth and transformation for hundreds of girls and young women between the ages of 11 and 26.  They have helped shape the political landscape for girls and youth organizations with a vision that combines individual transformation and self care with social activism.

Currently we have four programs in the WGCAN cluster:

  • Females United for Action (FUFA) which focuses on healing, consciousness raising, and transformative social change
  • Sisters Empowering Sisters (SES) which focuses on building leadership of teen girls particularly in the area of reproductive justice and health
  • The Writers Circle focuses on creative expression using language as a tool for communicating across generation, for healing, and for sharing our lives that we will be expanding the number of Writers Circles and diversifying the kinds of writing to include journalistic writing, poetry and proposal writing, as well as the ongoing group focusing on fiction and memoir writing.
  • Coalition of Thought Leaders is a group of girls programs committed to radical work with girls, conducting cross trainings and learning to eradicate barriers among girls, and developing standards for girls programs.