How Girls Can Have Fun Indoors When The Weather Is Off

According to a study that was carried out, it was found that
your child needs to be exposed to at least 60 minutes in a day of physical
activities. Therefore, if you are a parent and you are claiming to be busy,
this should not be an excuse for you to not tend to your kids. Making use of Indoor
Playground Equipment can work wonders for both you and your kids. Not only are these
equipment created in a way that your kids are able to have fun, but they are
also a way in which your child is going to be able to grow in all the different
aspects in a healthy manner.

Many parents are usually very happy when they say their kids
playing and interacting with other kids outside. However, with the busy
schedules that most parents have, it may be a totally different story. Since
they are mostly occupied with other things, it may be difficult for these
parents to be able to find time to play with their kids leave alone watch them
as they are busy playing outside. As they try to work their way through the
endless deadlines at work and the different duties at home, simply taking their
kids to a mall where everything is found is a solution that most parents tend
to go for. However, this is not a good thing to do.

You cannot deny the fact that most kids are usually bored to death whenever they are in the house doing completely nothing. It is not fair for you to deny your kids the experience of having a change of scene and doing something different which to them could be the most exciting and fun experience. One major advantage that comes with Indoor Playground Equipment is the fact that since they are usually used in a closed environment, this means that your kids will be able to play with them any time of the day as well as in any weather condition. Making use of this indoor playground manufacturer’s equipment clearly shows that there is absolutely no excuse as to why your child should not get the physical activity that they need on a daily basis.

Parents can also be at ease knowing that their children are in a safe indoor environment enjoying their day. Another reason as to why this option is the best is because research that was carried out found out that a good amount of physical activity plays a major role in children. It tends to improve their self-esteem, their social skills, peer acceptance, confidence and it also makes it easy for them to create long and lasting friendships.

2018 Update

On November 13th, 2018 Women and Girls CAN host the first Collective Healing and Action Gathering at their office space at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health.

The gathering was well attended and the art project was very engaging and successful in creating a safe space for the youth and adult allies to engage in.

Perhaps the most significant outcome of the day was that during the skill share in which the Sisters Empowering Sisters provided a workshop on STIs there was a lot of conversation and cross training by the youth in an effort to make the information the Sisters were providing more accessible and inclusive.

This organic teaching and learning process that naturally evolved between the youth and adult allies is the exactly the type of leadership development and information sharing these gatherings are intending to provide. Overall the first gathering was considered a great success. Thanks to all who attended.

Update On Board Members

Alexandra Pates, student at Kenwood Academy High School; FUFA member

Yunuen Rodriguez, student at Beloit College; FUFAration member

Ann Russo, Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, DePaul University

Aparna Sharma, Program Officer, Chicago Foundation for Women; Core Member, South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC); Alumni Advisory Board member, Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans

Keisha Farmer-Smith, Manager of Girlworld at Alternatives Inc.; board member, Chicago Freedom School; doctoral candidate University of Illinois College of Urban Plannning

Erin Tinnon, FUFAration member

Daisy Zamora,  FUFAration member

Mission Statement 2018

The Women & Girls Collective Action Network is a center for consciousness-raising, training, dialogue and action around issues that matter to women and girls. We strengthen connections across communities to promote collective action. We provide resources and support to create safe spaces for girls and women to develop as leaders, learn from one another, and take action to promote social justice.

NEW! When Girls Get a Chance. Learn about our Status of Girls in Illinois 2009 ReportStatus of Girls News Release (PDF)

These are our guiding principles:

Our Initiatives:

  • We acknowledge and respect women’s and girls’ multiple identities.
  • We believe that women and girls can learn from one another, and strive to provide the space for this to happen.
  • We recognize the connection among the many issues that women and girls face.
  • We are committed to identifying areas of shared history and experiences among women and girls.
  • We believe that connecting across differences allows us to learn from one another and build bridges to challenge stereotypes about women and girls in society.
  • We are committed to redefining organizing, to better reflect women’s lived experiences and multiple identities.
  • We are committed to building, and participating in, a movement for social justice.
  • We strive to make society a safe environment for women and girls.
  • We believe in community-wide accountability and are committed to partnering with men who are allies in our work.
  • Safety is a process, not an assumption

Women and Girls Collective Action Network has played a critical role in the Chicago community over the last five years.  It has been a place of growth and transformation for hundreds of girls and young women between the ages of 11 and 26.  They have helped shape the political landscape for girls and youth organizations with a vision that combines individual transformation and self care with social activism.

Currently we have four programs in the WGCAN cluster:

  • Females United for Action (FUFA) which focuses on healing, consciousness raising, and transformative social change
  • Sisters Empowering Sisters (SES) which focuses on building leadership of teen girls particularly in the area of reproductive justice and health
  • The Writers Circle focuses on creative expression using language as a tool for communicating across generation, for healing, and for sharing our lives that we will be expanding the number of Writers Circles and diversifying the kinds of writing to include journalistic writing, poetry and proposal writing, as well as the ongoing group focusing on fiction and memoir writing.
  • Coalition of Thought Leaders is a group of girls programs committed to radical work with girls, conducting cross trainings and learning to eradicate barriers among girls, and developing standards for girls programs.